Monday, 28 April 2014

£544.20 to help build a school in Kenya

Joe Miller-Howes is going to Kenya in July this year to help build a primary school at an orphanage (the Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre) near Nairobi. This will make a big difference to the children as the youngest and most vulnerable students will not have to face a long walk, and the very real risk of death, along the dangerous Thika Highway in order to get to school.

Over the next 3 years Bloxham School will raise over £63,000 to fund this project - on Friday 4th April a fabulous group of people enjoyed a Pollicott Belles style Kenyan School Dinner and helped Joe to raise a massive £544.20 toward that target. Thank you to everyone who supported this evening so incredibly generously - every penny donated has been sent to Bloxham school and every penny they raise is going directly the project. 
Belles in the kitchen 
Dinner Lady Belles and Joe
When Lucinda current head of Wilberforce House met Richard Bates a former head of the same house!
Raffle ticket folding expertise gets to work
Marking the Kenya quiz - not surprisingly the former residents of Ruiru (David and Sue Chetham) helped their team to the no. 1 prize!
Our beautiful Belle Annalise, and a drop in special guest, made it impossible for anyone to leave without first giving generously to the cause.
Joe has now raised almost £650 so has fulfilled his commitment to raise a minimum £500 for the project and he can now focus on his A2 exams before getting stuck in to working alongside the Ruiru builders this Summer. The Pollicott Belles will continue to support the project and will post updates as fundraising progresses and the journey to Ruiru progresses and the adventure unfolds

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